2012 West National Championship recap

The Windy City Diving Team had 4 divers who competed in the West National Championships which were held in Oklahoma City, OK April 13-15, 2012.  The divers did well despite a few delays due to the weather that was in the area that weekend.

Andrew Marsh, a junior from Lake Forest, dove in the 16-18 age group and did well in his first national meet despite the fact that his event was delayed 3 hours due to storms and tornado warnings that came through the area during his event.  He finished in 26th place, just missing making the finals.
Sean Scarry, a freshmen from Deerfield, competed in the 14-15 1 and 3 meter events and finished 12th on 1 meter and 15th on 3 meter.
Max Showalter, also a freshmen from Oak Park, also competed in the 14-15 events and finished 16th on 1 meter and 11th on 3 meter.
Zayne Danielwicsz,a 3rd grader from Riverwoods, competed in the 11 & Under events and finished 16th on 3 meter and 6th on 1 meter.
Overall, the team finished in 17th place.
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