Windy City Diving offers 3 different competitive training teams.

Regional and National Team

These group of divers can train up to 10 hours a week through out the year.  They are all members of USA Diving. Divers in this group have a strong passion to improve their diving abilities and want to take their training to the next level. These divers also have a desire to compete. Divers will train and compete on both 1 and 3 meter boards. They are required to compete in all Illinois Diving Association meets and regional competitions.  Divers are members of USA Diving.

Local Team

This group of divers can train up to 6 hours a week throughout the year. This group has a continued interest in learning more dives and in developing a passion for the sport. They may not yet be ready to compete on the Travel Team but want to get involved in local skill level competitions. Divers in this group should be able to successfully complete a front dive, back dive, and a front flip. Divers will be able to compete in local dive meets and are members of USA Diving.