Summer Diving Programs

Windy City Diving Summer Programs- Come join the FUN!

Summer is a great time to dive!!

Our lessons and club practices are at various times and locations for your convenience!

Divers are encouraged to sign up for multiple sessions in order to see the most improvements!

Check out our various programs at;

Level 1- Beginner Diving Lessons at either AHPD or PPD or SPD or UC

AHPD                    Heritage Pool:      9-10 am  (M- TH 2 week sessions-1 – 1 week session)

AHPD                      Pioneer Pool:        11am -12pm  (M-TH  2 week sessions-1–1 week session)

AHPD                    Olympic Pool:      6 pm-7 pm (M-TH- 2 week sessions)

AHPD                      Olympic Pool:      9 am-9:55 am (Saturdays)

PPD                        Birchwood Pool: 10 am-11 am (M- TH- 1 week sessions)

SPD                        Meineke Pool:      9:45 am- 10:30 am (M-TH- 1 week sessions)

SPD                        Meineke Pool:      10:30 am- 11:15 am (M-TH- 1 week sessions till 6/30/16)

UC                          Myers-McLoraine Pool: 4:30-5:15 and 5:30-6:15 pm (Mondays


Level 2- Intermediate Lessons at AHPD or PPD

Required Skills: 101 and 201 with no assistance

PPD                        Birchwood Pool:  11-12 am (M-TH)

AHPD                    Olympic Pool:      10-11:10 am (Saturday mornings)

Intermediate Lessons at SPD

Skills required: 101, 201, 102, 202, and 5111

SPD                        Meienke Pool:      10:30 am- 11:15 am (starting July 11, M-TH)


Level 3- Advanced Lessons/Future Champions Club at AHPD

Skills required: 101,201 and/or 102 or 401

  • High school diver – not yet at an 11 dive list of dives

AHPD               Pioneer Pool- 9:15 am- 11 am (M-Th)

 AHPD               Olympic Pool – 7 pm -8:30 pm (Tu and Th)


Level 4- Competitive Local Team at PPD or SPD or UIC

Skills required: 101, 201, 102, 401/ or 301, 5121- or

  • High School diver- conference list of 11 dives
  • Attend all local meets

PPD                 Eagle Pool:            5-6:30 PM- Competitive Local Team  (M-Th)

SPD                 Meineke Pool:      9:30- 11:45 am (M-TH)

 UIC                Flames Nat.:         3:30-6:00 or 5:30-8:00 pm (M-TH)


Level 5- Competitive Travel Team at PPD or UIC

Skills required: Competitive dive list for age group USA Diving Meets

  • Junior Olympic level Age group list or
  • Full 11 dive high school list or
  • Collegiate divers
  • Attend all meets

PPD–                   Eagle Pool:            9:15 am to 11:45 am (M-F)

 UIC –                Flames Nat.:         3:30-6:00 or 5:30-8:00 pm (M-TH)